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Oleg Ryaskov is a director, screenwriter, producer and painter. He studied at architecture University. While still studying, he began to work for TV and cinematography. His career began with the then-famous TV show TEMA with Vladislav Listyev.


In 1992-2004 he directed the "Nostalgie" TV Show. He worked as a chief Director of the StolitcaTV channel, then he was the Chief Director of the morning TV6 channel and  Chief  Director TV company "OSTANKINO".


Oleg directed film versions of more than 20 ballets in the theater of Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko. He supervised a cycle of documentary films "Mysteries of the Century "Channel 1". From 2002 Oleg Ryaskov specializes in historical movies. His most famous movie is "The Sovereign's Servant", shown in more than 20 countries. Oleg has participated in international festivals in presenting his films in Italy, Sweden, Holland, Russia.


Now he started a new historical movie "The treasures of the Chinese Seas" UK, Malta,  and Croatia the Joint Production. The film will feature world-famous actors.  The shooting of the movie is scheduled for 2023.

The director's version of the film "Sovereign's Servant" was released in late summer 2022. As indicated on the website of the director Oleg Ryaskov her film distribution, premiere screenings on TV and Stream platforms (Russia and the former CIS countries) for the first time will provide viewers with a digital version of high definition.

In his spare time, Oleg does storyboards for feature films and commercials.

Interesting facts


In 1988 Director of TV talk show VZGLAD got interested in his music videos. After that, he got a chance to work in TV and started to work for VID company.


In August 1991 together with tv correspondent Vladimir Molchanov worked as a cameraman. His footages from KGB office, interview with general army Yasov and director of KGB Kruchkov were shown in all TV companies of the World.


His daughter Natalya Ryaskova took a part in his movies. 2007 "Sovereign's servant"  - as a village girl. 2003 "Ulyanovi "- as  Vladimir Lenin (early ages). From 2016 she's working in the Bolshoy theater as makeup designer and tattoo master. His son Evgeny Ryaskov graduated from the Faculty of Foreign Languages at the Russian Academy of Education and working as freelancer.


His wife Julia Labutina worked with him as a costume designer in all of his movies.

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